Face Mesolifting

Face Mesolifting is a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment which involves injecting a formula of homeopathic remedies, vitamins, minerals and amino acids into your facial skin.

Face Mesolifting treats areas of the skin including around the jowls, neck and face. The results skin tightening, elimination of wrinkles on the face and neck and elimination of bags around the eyes.

With just a few treatments, your skin will regain a more youthful and rested appearance with no recovery time required.

Who best qualifies for Face Mesolifting

This treatment is not for everyone and requires many visits to our clinic. It is not for individuals who have skin that is detached from the muscle. Individuals above the age of 55 are also not considered good candidates for Meso-Facelift.

What to expect during Face Mesolifting

Face Meso-Facelift treatment takes two to three sessions and involves pain-free micro-injections of the most ground-breaking formulas to-date. It works by reversing the aging process and eliminating wrinkles and neck sagging. Using stimulation on the facial muscles, it begins to firm, tone and lift the face.

Meso-Lifting also stimulates your skin to form its own collagen and elastin, eliminating the need for using fillers and delays the need for
facelift for several years.

After Face Mesolifting

Although results of Face Mesolifting appear immediately after the procedure, some patients can take weeks to see final results.

General risks of Face Mesolifting

Face Mesolifting is a low-risk facial treatment carrying a very small chance of bruising
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