Beard Transplants

Beard transplant surgery is performed by surgeons with meticulous detail and a keen artistic eye.

Whether through trauma, surgery or other causes, the inability to grow facial hair is a problem for many men. These men report that their lack of facial hair can deteriorate their self-esteem and they crave a more masculine look.

Good Candidates for Beard Transplant

Good candidates for beard transplant are men in general good health with:

*Spotty or patchy areas in the beard region
*Sufficient hair growth on the back or sides of the head
*Realistic expectations

Beard Transplant Procedure

Beard transplant surgeons in Turkey remove hair from the back of the scalp in small follicular units one or two hairs at a time. For the most natural looking results, grafts are placed at an angle that mimics the existing hair.

After the Procedure

Following the procedure, there may be some minimal scabbing and the new implanted hairs may begin to fall out, however the cells and glands which foster the hairs are firmly in place. In about three months, your beard will begin growing normally.

General Risks of Beard Transplant

*Loss of sensation
*Need for corrective surgery
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